Monday, September 13, 2010

More fruit

We also have 2 pear trees. This year one of them decided to produce pears. Lots and lots of pears. I picked one the other day because I thought it was ready.
T checked it out for us.

It was not quite ripe yet, (very hard) though still tasty. We are expecting to try again soon.
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Apples and Honey

Shana Tova! A Happy and Sweet New year to everyone. One of the ways we celebrate the Jewish New Year is by eating apples dipped in honey. This year, as an extra special treat we had honey from lavender flowers from Carriage House Farms (I was surprised by how clearly the light lavender flavor came through) and an apple from our very own apple tree!

This tree already existed when we moved in but we had not seen fruit on it our first two years here. This year we got one whole apple! We have anxiously watched is grow for the last couple of months. It finally turned from light green to solid red and came off with a single twist. We tasted it the same day and it was... DELICIOUS! Still have no idea what kind of apple it might be but we are pretty sure it is under the 'yummy' category.
I think this bodes well for our new year.