Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blue ice cream

Last month we were on a long car trip home. To give us a boost we stopped for some ice cream. Daddy agreed with Tovina that she should have bright blue ice cream... in the car... in a cone...
Luckily a bib and dish were found in the vehicle.
I was impressed with how well T kept the mess contained. Then, after all the damage was already done, I handed her a mirror and damp paper towel and she actually cleaned herself up. Wow, almost 4 years olds can do anything!

Though not visible in this particular picture, T's tongue stayed a lovely blue shade for quite some time.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Getting Closer

Today we had our home birth run through.
(In case you hadn't heard, apparently I'm pregnant and will give birth in the next month.)
The run through just made sure we had all the stuff we need and that we had time to ask questions and talk through different scenarios.
Its pretty exciting. Or maybe it is just that I am pretty excited. Michael too. So is Tovina for that matter though she is mostly excited about the idea of a baby, not so interested in the birth itself. I feel confident in saying this because her biggest thrill today was showing one of the midwives the bamboo plant that she was watering.

Speaking of her interest in the baby, when I come home from work Tovina gives me a hug and kiss and then my belly a hug and kiss. Might just be my favorite moment of the day. Tonight when I was giving Tovina her final cuddle before sleep, she asked me to move a little closer so she could cuddle me and the ShamrockJew baby at the same time.