Thursday, March 29, 2007

Next visitor please

One of Michael's college buddies is out here visiting us now - SETH! And he is a much better blogger than we are these days so you should check out his site here. This is also the man who introduced us to Soyan and Jonathan on their around the trip tour.

A follow up on the peanut butter mentioned by Seth: While Michael claims to tell us all the ingredients he seems to have left out the part where he adds crack which I am pretty sure is in there somewhere due to the peanut butter's addictive nature, but there is no proof at this time.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Baby and Travel Update

I've been back in Beijing for almost a week now and my sleep patterns have pretty much resettled. The only thing that is still making sleeping rough is the cold I managed to pick up on the flight home - though to be fair, I may have actually picked it up in the snow-covered freezing plains of Winnipeg and it was just exacerbated by the 15 hours of flying. Either way - its good to have all 2 and half members of our family together again!

And speaking of a half - I have reached the half way point! It was really exciting when on my first morning home, Michael was able to see the baby move. Today Michael listened to the baby's heartbeat just by putting his ear against the belly. (I had to be very very quite.) How exciting!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Still Traveling

While our Sir Lanka trip is over, we are still not together in Beijing. This is because Cara has taken off for the frozen arctic north known as Winnipeg, Canada were it reached 3°F (-16°C) today and snowed. SNOWED! and just in case you didn't notice, its March outside.

While being separated is not fun (the baby keeps asking where Michael is though it can be hard to hear its little voice from inside the tummy) seeing Cara's extended and immediate family in Canada is loads of fun. Or it was until one cousin asked why there have been pretty much no new blogs since her arrival. So, here is our posting.

Enjoy :)

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Arriving in Sri Lanka

We are now safely home, but we still want to tell you all about our lovely week in Sri Lanka.
We left Beijing at the end of February. When we looked out our window in the morning, we saw the vision to the right. The building you can just barely see is the apartment tower about 50 feet from our building. It was a little dark and smoggy outside in case you can't tell from the picture which was taken after 8am - well after the sun had risen.
Undaunted, and unwisely as it turned out, we decided to head out to the airport smog or no smog. 7 hours after we arrived, the airport check-in counters and airplane strips opened and we were able to start the next step in our journey.

We finally arrived at the hotel in Colombo, Sri Lanka around 2am, or maybe it was 3am - who could tell at that point? We were taken to our room where we quickly passed out listening to the sound of waves crashing somewhere nearby. We couldn't see much that night, but this was what we saw when we woke up to the next morning. What a beautiful day!
You can see more photos from our trip here.
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