Monday, November 15, 2010

So many candies to try... so little time

We've been slowly parsing Tovina's candy out to her. It mostly based on finishing dinner - she eats a good dinner and can have a piece of candy. She's not hungry enough to eat dinner, then no candy. On average it seems to come out to 1 piece every 3 days. Not that T minds. She really enjoys just playing with the candy, organizing it, sorting it, pretending to paint with it, making towers, talking about it. I almost think the candy aspect is just icing (if you'll excuse the expression.)

Not to say icing is not appreciated. In fact, she just tried Nerds. Her reaction?
Tovina: Daddy, what are these called?
Michael: Nerds
Tovina: I love Nerds.

The child takes after my own heart.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Last day at the park?

Today was gorgeous so Michael had everything ready and jumped in the car with T when I got home from work. We had the privilege of spending maybe an hour at the park before the sun went down. Tovina stayed in a swing for all but about 14 minutes of that time - that child sure does love her swing!
She even made, another, new friend.
Going to miss the park this winter.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Protect those ears

Its getting to be that time of year when ears get cold. So we decided it was also that time of year to buy something to keep them warm. There were many choices. Some Tovina liked better then others.

Of the 4 we tried only 2 lasted long enough on her head to get a photo.
We went with the striped flower option.
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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Bambi - sort of

We've got us a whole mess of deer that come through our yard. Yesterday afternoon there were 3 groups of them. Just outside the master bathroom were 2 does and a baby buck whose antlers were just nubs. I called Tovina over to see him.
'Bambi' she said. Well, not exactly. She actually said Bamkee. We watched the movie that Disney calls Bambi together the other day. I've asked her a few times on this one and she is quite sure that Bamkee is her name.
'Sweetie, Bambi is a boy.'
'No Mommy. Bamkee is a girl.'

I have so much to learn.

Monday, November 01, 2010

No blog - researching votes

Nothing cool to say today, spend the night researching candidates.
Good news: ballot is ready and the polls open at 6:30am so I'll only be an hour late getting to work!
Bad new: reading campaign information makes me feel vaguely ill.

Tovina asked what this was all about. We told her that we were preparing to vote.
Choose who gets to be our 'line leader' (a very prestigious position at school, heavy with responsibility.)
She wanted to know if she could vote too. Yay! Good little citizen!
Now we just need to keep that enthusiasm up for the next 15 years till she is actually old enough to cast a ballot herself.