Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Shanghai Accomodations

While in Shanghai, Tovina stays in one of the un-occupied offices in the same area of the building in which my class is taught. Since our last Shanghai class her previous office became occupied so she got moved to the corner office. Now this may seem like a leg up in the world, but the corner office is just at the corner of that row of offices and is on the main hallway and has 2 large class walls so it is pretty much like being in a fish bowl.
Here is Tovina sleeping on the table in her fish bowl. She was sleeping on her blankets on the ground but the construction just down the hall kept waking her up so the babysitter moved her. (And yes the babysitter stays in the room to ensure Tovina does not roll off the table.)

And speaking of the babysitter - here she is!
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psuuvanuguy74 said...

It was nice catching up with you on your blog. Tovina IS a doll! Those dimples are crazy :)

-Chris W.