Monday, March 22, 2010

Grocery list

I took the grocery list off the fridge the other day and set it down before going to the store.
Then Michael called out a few things to add.
Then Tovina got in on the deal.

What ensued was about 15 minutes of egging on the 2 year old. There is 4 minutes or so of video on this event.
For a short highlight to see if you want to commit to the whole thing you can watch our short order cook repeating orders here.

Or Tovina's mother misspelling pomegranate here

(you might notice that Tovina stops writing at the letter I get wrong.)

Of course, if you are ready for the plunge, watch it all here.

Yes we were just picking things that we wanted to hear her say.

As an added benefit, when T and I finally made it to the store she stopped me when we walked past the ji (you might know it as ginger). Tovina, who was holding the list, pointed to it and told me we needed ginger root and it was on our list. Admittedly Michael had asked her to write it down but we didn't think she'd actually remember let alone recognize the stuff. I told her we already had some at home so we didn't need to get anymore.
She considered and then decided to accept my weak but acceptable answer.


Sheila said...

First of all, how you guys kept a straight face (or didn't laugh out load) is beyond me.

However, I'm a bit disappointed that you did not get her to say "butterscotch." Hee!

M said...

I see T's taking after her mom's handwriting. And parsnips.. really? People put parsnips on their grocery list?

ShamrockJews said...

Sheila - I was cracking up so hard I am shocked there is any kind of steady image.
Mari - You mean you buy parsnips enough that you don't need to put them on your list?

Anonymous said...

FYI, my dad ate cooked parsnips. That is how you live to be 95. Also, Trudy uses them in her chicken soup.