Monday, June 07, 2010

Fun in the sun

We did many a thing this weekend. Sunday included time at a beach volleyball place that had been turned into a child's playground for a couple of hours.
After having a rather unfortunate waterslide-spin-around-and-land-face-down-in-very-chilly-water event, we eventually made it over to the dry area where T had a dolphin painted on her face and then a temporary Ariel the mermaid tattoo sponged onto her thigh. What shocked me about the whole thing is that Tovina was willing to help wash the dolphin off before going to bed.
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Anonymous said...

That's my granddaughter! css
One more thing - Agatha
Is that snake thing a subtle way of saying to me no need to come and visit or is it saying, Agatha is so fascinating you must come and see her. I am leaning towards the "keep away" idea.