Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pear picking

It turns out that we have 2 pear trees in our yard. Last year one of them grew some pears. By some, I mean CRAZY AMOUNTS.  We did a little research and learned that we had to prune back the number of pears on the tree taking off 1 or 2 of every 3 or the weight of the pears would tear the branches off.

How did such a tree ever survive?

We did okay at ridding ourselves of the offending fruit but we never did get to receive the fruit of our labors because the pears we left behind mysteriously disappeared a few weeks later. We suspect squirrels, birds, and raccoons but the cops demand proof - darn it!

This year we haven't seen much if any fruit on the first tree but the other tree is producing like mad.  It almost seemed to be a pear per inch. Luckily Michael remembered that we need to make some un-natural selection happen and so we did!

T was very excited about all the pear-shaped-apples we knocked down for her to play with.

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