Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween costume - take one

Tovina had a costume party at preschool today so we decided it was a good time to test out her costume before Sunday (that's Halloween in case you didn't know.)

I learned many things while working on Tovina's costume:
1) Fabric is harder to work with then cardboard. I think knowing how to sew may have helped but I am not convinced.
2) I really like working on Halloween costumes. Really like. Spent-all-day-thinking-about-it-and-couldn't-wait-to-get-home-to-work-on-it like.
3) Tovina likes making costumes too and can even work a glue gun (as long as I am also holding on.)

So what did we make? Hah! We're not telling! But we will let you see some photos and make your own guess.
(Luckily for us, Tovina and I already think that Tovina's costume rocks so we are not about to have our confidence swayed by anyone who might have absolutely no idea whatsoever what it is suppose to be. Confidence is a wonderful thing however misplaced that confidence might be.)

First thing to do before donning the rest of the costume was to get the head gear ready. (Michael went far and beyond my expectations!)

We still have a few days to change things up so if you have any suggestions then please please pass them on! Tovina already found the shiny beads that I forgot and wants to glue them on - right now Mommy!
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KayBee said...

I once made a cape without any sewing - I bought hemming tape from a fabric store. It seals with an iron. the cape seam has held since then (15? years ago).


ShamrockJews said...

I gave up on the sewing pretty quickly and just glue gunned the rest. Then I expanded and used the glue gun on the stocking footies this morning. I think I need to put the glue gun away before I start looking around for more things to, shall we say, improve.

niki said...

firstly when did she stop looking like a baby and start looking like a pre-schooler
secondly, i love it! how did you come up with the idea of a jet pack wearing pink dracula from who-ville?

:) prettiest butterfly this side of the mississipi (and probably the other side too)

ShamrockJews said...

@niki This may sound odd, but that is sort of what I thought it ended up looking like. i just didn't manage to word it as absolutely perfectly as you did!
:) still laughing