Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cape Cod and the beach (can you say freezing?)

Our family spend some time this summer traveling.
While up in Cape Cod we spent some time at the beach.
This Daddy graciously dug a big hole for our girls to play in.
This Auntie graciously played in the water so our girls could jump in the waves.

Me and Michael? We stayed dry! That water was cccccold!

Stella and Tovina really enjoyed the big ol' hole in the ground

Can you see T's hat doing a great job of keeping the sun off the sand?
The girls apparently did not notice the water temperature. Since neither of them turned blue, I guess they were okay.

And here are some videos of the girls desperately trying to save their hole from the waves. Well, maybe more enthusiastic than desperate.

Running on the beach

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