Monday, November 21, 2011

Lost Cat, Found Cat, Stupid Cat

By Thursday evening I thought we might be missing something. Friday morning I was pretty sure when I noticed that only Roxanne (the female cat in our pair) came running for food. Friday afternoon Michael confirmed that Cyrano (our male cat) was definitely not in the house, not anywhere. Saturday I called the animal shelters, kennels, and other such agencies.Then I planned a route, printed flyers, and printed pictures.

Cream color with dark brown nose, ears, feet, and tail
Blue eyes
Large (18 lb)
Long-haired Male
Very cuddly

As I went out on the back porch to get the duct tape, I noticed something whitish dashing under the deck. This despite the fact that Michael had been out on the porch for the last hour moving leaves and we'd both spent time calling for him. We rallied cat food, a flashlight, and Roxanne and attempted to coax Cyrano from under the porch. It took more effort (see: crumpling and pouring of cat food) than we anticipated but he eventually came out and we took him back inside, apparently the no worse for wear.

Also completely unrepentant regarding our worry and general tenseness of the last few days. Apparently we were  not very careful about how we were rreferring to this dear household animal because Tovina has learned a new phrase.
"Stupid cat."

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