Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Living in China is like an RPG

hehe. Just had to share.
Living in China is like an RPG

For those people who are not part of this particular community, RPG = Role Playing Game. Dungeons and Dragons falls into this category.

We don't know the owner of the blog above, we just heard about it through Will's site.


Anonymous said...

Is #12 True ! I'm there dude !

who am I ?

ShamrockJews said...

Michael claims none of his friends would leave this message. (Not to say they aren't geeky enough, just that different parts of the list would have appealed to them.) So our list of the usual suspects is Don, Jer, and Steeg with Molly and Niki receiving (dis)honorable mentions. In the interest of clearing the names of these (not so) innocent defendants, would the true culprit please make itself known?

Anonymous said...

Mike you are excused, Cara you should be ashamed!

"10 finger"