Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Necessary Clothing

As we have mentioned before, Harbin was a little chilly. To give you a better sense of what we meant, here is what Cara wore when going outside.* While she did get cold sometimes, this outfit kept her mostly comfortable.

1) Heavy leather winter coat with additional zip-in lining
2) Thick button up shirt with fleece lining
3&4) Silk undershirts
5) Turtleneck
6) Scarf
7) Balaclava
8) Knit hat
9) Microfleece hat
10&11) Gloves
12) Leggings
13) Wool socks
14) Tights
15) Silk long johns
16) Pants
17) Wool socks
(*Shoes not shown, though due to the 2 layers of wool socks, Cara wore a pair of Michael's shoes the entire weekend.)

And yes - she could still move.


Teachers Pet said...

Wow!!! I'm impressed. I would be a walking mummy in that outfit.

Scott said...
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