Thursday, April 03, 2008

First day in Bangkok

On our first day in Bangkok we were not only astonished by how friendly the people were towards babies, but also by how unfriendly the city was towards strollers. There were 6-10" high curbs every 5-15 feet and in some places the sidewalk was even less useful, as shown here. Our first day out was absolutely exhuasting as we hauled Tovina and the stroller up and down and over one obstacle after another. This included the 2 flights of stairs up to the sky train. Luckily it wasn't hot out so it was no big deal. Oh, wait, it was 94°F (34°C)!
Tovina felt the heat too but she mostly reacted by sleeping more. Here you can see her enjoying her first day in Thailand.
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Niki said...

Strollers and stairs to trains,,, thought you were all trained up for that ;)