Saturday, March 28, 2009

Gulf Shores

We just spent the last few days in Gulf Shores visiting Michael's father. It has been great! Unfortunately we are now packing up for the drive home... ah well....
But before we head out, here are some highlights from our trip

Tovina and Grandpop reading stories together. Grandpop was a very good listener

T with Aunt Sheila and Aunt Kerri-Anne

Today was our first sunny day so we took advantage of it by visiting Belingrath and its gorgious grounds.
Then we had dinner with some flying rolls and LOTS of food. Got in a last photo op with family too. Here is Aunt Maureen, Grandpop, Michael, and Uncle Erwin. Oh, Tovina is in the shot too.

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KayBee said...

You went to the home of the 'Throwed Rolls'??? I never had the chance for that road trip when at WashU. Though I remember a drive back from Denver to StL where about halfway along there was a billboard saying you were *only* 200 miles from there.