Thursday, March 26, 2009

Reading to the clean bear

After Tovina finished changing her bear the other night, she then threw it into her crib/pak'n'play and proceeded to read it bedtime stories. You can see her starting off with Good Night Gorilla in this first picture.
She seemed to be concerned that the bear not suffer from lack of pre-nap reading so she then proceeded to read at least 2 more books. I have a bunch of them on video but they are a little shaky as I kept starting to laugh.
Below is the video from Moo Baa Lalala, another classic.
To help you out, captions have been added to the video.
Lines from the book are marked with 'text'
(my comments are enclosed thusly)
In many cases Tovina will sign (with her own special 19 month old accent) while speaking and I have tried to point out when this is happening.

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Ferrin Family Funny Farm said...

We love "Moo Baa Laa!!!"

Niki said...

hey i was wondering,, do you think you could get her to say "MOO" once for us ;)