Tuesday, December 15, 2009

World War T

This past weekend some of Michael's friends from high school got together at a family home up in the Columbus area. We were looking forward to seeing folks and getting the kids together to play. Or at least we were excited until Tovina woke up at 5:30am and started vomiting Saturday morning. By noon she seemed to have stopped - or at least taken a break for nap time. Michael checked in with the host family and they gave us the okay to visit. Little did they know....

Everything seemed fine until some unthinking mother of Tovina gave the newly recovered little girl some cheese, crackers, and cocktail weenies as a snack at the party since she was so hungry. 15 minutes later T's stomach showed its displeasure all over the kitchen floor. (So glad she came down from the kid's bedroom to let us know she wasn't feeling well!) After that display all was well again, or so we thought...

I just learned that while Tovina was fine come the next day our little Patient Zero passed on her delightful condition to the host family and at least one other guest who was kind enough to play with her.

If its any consolation, Michael also became quite ill too.

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