Friday, February 12, 2010


Tovina has been doing very well with the potty training. Now, she can pretty much take care of it herself during the day... though pulling pants back up afterwords has a 50% success rate at best. For the last 2 weeks Michael has been working with T regarding naps and no diapers. This has led to a lot of laundry, but she does seem to be getting the knack for it.
Which has led to the latest excitement.
T is now getting up between 3 and 4 and needs to go to the bathroom.
That's a.m. in case you were wondering.
I'm not sure this is what I would call progress.
Tue and Wed night she got me up to help. Thursday I realized that we would need to break her pattern before it became one but as it turned out minimal help was needed as she stayed in her own bed and did not come wandering out in search of someone to unzip pajamas and lift her onto icy cold toilet seats in the dark. (Shocking what doesn't motivate some people to keep up a pattern.) However, it was apparently not Tovina who needed some guidance on not forming disruptive habits because it is now 6:45am and i have been up for 2 hours.

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Rebecca said...

Hi- When I was teaching preschool, some families mentioned putting a potty chair next to the child's bed helped with the transition to nighttime dryness. Good luck!