Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tovina's favorite fruit

Here is T asking for her favorite fruit.

And here she is asking for more.

These videos were actually taken back in January, but they came to mind because of yesterday's discussion. See, yesterday Tovina told me she wanted to have pomegranates. I told her they were out of season and we would have to wait. Since I clearly had not understood her request, she asked again. I tried a new tack and said there were none in the house. Tovina then realized that she was talking to someone with minimal intelligence and asked for this fantastic fruit very CLEARLY and sssllllloooowwwllllllllyyyyyyy as well as politely in case that might tilt things in her favor. She was clearly frustrated when this also produced less than desired results.

Aw well. I guess she needed to learn the hard facts of waiting for pomegranate season eventually.
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niki said...

how did you not get on a plane and fly to where the fruit was in season? you are a lazy lazy mother that's what the problem is.

mariasha said...

please more pizzzaaaaaa