Friday, May 07, 2010

Shoveling mishaps

I'll start by saying everyone is fine.

A couple days ago I got a call from Tovina's daycare. There was a small plastic shovel incident concerning who managed to grab the toy first. As near as we can tell the victor quickly swung it out of the way of the upstart who thought to grab at it at the same time.

Given that both parties have the aim and fine motor control of 2 year old, this meant heaving the thing all the way around until it made its way back to the starting location and smacked the loser in the face.

It was clearly an accident.

The result?
Tovina has an impressive shiner.
She barely notices it though she does like to tell the story of how she got it and fall down at the end.

Today she also got the following: A 5" square card that bears the following message:
Dear Tovina,
I'm sorry I hit you in the eye with the shovel.
Love XXX (name withheld due to age of the perpetrator)

It is a very sweet card and absolutely hilarious. We the precision of the apology


Sheila said...

No pic? Would love to see the little shiner!!!

LB said...

I second Sheila's comment.

Wait... are you saying that Tovina tells the story and then she falls down to demonstrate? If so, I amend my request. I want video of the storytelling!