Monday, November 01, 2010

No blog - researching votes

Nothing cool to say today, spend the night researching candidates.
Good news: ballot is ready and the polls open at 6:30am so I'll only be an hour late getting to work!
Bad new: reading campaign information makes me feel vaguely ill.

Tovina asked what this was all about. We told her that we were preparing to vote.
Choose who gets to be our 'line leader' (a very prestigious position at school, heavy with responsibility.)
She wanted to know if she could vote too. Yay! Good little citizen!
Now we just need to keep that enthusiasm up for the next 15 years till she is actually old enough to cast a ballot herself.


MattR said...

It took me about 20 minutes to figure out what the Public Question on the New Jersey ballot actually meant. It took me back to a standup comedian who said that he is always worried he is gonna find out that he just accidentally voted to allow the eating of babies (or voted against prohibiting the eating of babies). And now that I figured out that it ammends the constitution to force the Legislature to segregate the funds for workers comp, unemployment etc so that they cannot be used to plug holes in the general budget and avoid raising taxes, I am torn on how to vote. On general principal I want to vote "no" since I hate tying the Legislature's hand to fiddle with things in extraordinary circumstances. On the other hand, the NJ Legislature has proven that they will fiddle under all circumstances so I think I have to vote "yes" to tie their hands.

Jason said...

Pretty sure you don't live close enough to Chicago to let her vote just yet. at least she's interested tho. katherine has no idea what's going on other than `mommy got a sticker the other day.'

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember a "line leader"
As I recall, they called her a "rank leader"