Monday, November 15, 2010

So many candies to try... so little time

We've been slowly parsing Tovina's candy out to her. It mostly based on finishing dinner - she eats a good dinner and can have a piece of candy. She's not hungry enough to eat dinner, then no candy. On average it seems to come out to 1 piece every 3 days. Not that T minds. She really enjoys just playing with the candy, organizing it, sorting it, pretending to paint with it, making towers, talking about it. I almost think the candy aspect is just icing (if you'll excuse the expression.)

Not to say icing is not appreciated. In fact, she just tried Nerds. Her reaction?
Tovina: Daddy, what are these called?
Michael: Nerds
Tovina: I love Nerds.

The child takes after my own heart.

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