Monday, July 25, 2011

Ari Patrick and his male role models

Ari Patrick has some good role models to follow after.
There is Grandpop

and Zaida
We are also letting Ari's uncle hold him. This is not to say we are committing one way or another regarding Dan's role model status, it is just that he is really good at playing the 'favorite uncle' card.*

*Just for the record, that full title is Favorite and Only Uncle.

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Dan said...

I take favorite uncle status very seriously as my role - nay my duty - to make sure Ari is properly trained the the traditional arts of boyhood: noogies, wedgies (of all kinds), cooties, swirlies, de-pantsing, "flat tires", Hertz donuts and the ever popular "pull my finger" (of course, Grandpop will probably teach him that before I will).