Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Big Sister

There have been some question about how Tovina is taking all of this. I am very happy to report that, when not oblivious to her new brother, T is kind of excited by the whole thing. She especially likes holding Ari Patrick on the special pillow (see: Boppy). Tovina even wanted to take the pillow and Ari with her to PA. This would be the same trip that mom and dad were not coming on. I convinced her that maybe Ari Patrick would be best off staying with me.


Karen M said...

Just so I'm clear, Tovina was all set to come to PA with Ari and the boppy, but without your parents? I'm assuming she thought they needed to stay and take care of you?

Kids can be cute.

ShamrockJews said...

Hi Karen!
You are close - Tovina was pretty sure her grandparents needed to go to PA. She also thought that Ari could come without me or Michael - even though T knows that Ari needs milk from me. Admittedly Tovina was skeptical that I would approve when making the suggestion that Ari goes with her... but she was encouraged when I told her that she could take the pink pillow. Of course, I was talking about the pillow previously known as Sad Bunny and she was talking about the boppy which led to some of the confusion.