Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More pics from August

I still have lots of left over photos from visits this summer, so I decided to share a few more. One stop was with Chip and Sarah and Quinn and Will. Quinn had a few features on the blog back when we lived in China. This makes sense as that is where we met this family. But now, just to shake things up, we spent time together here in the states. 
This involved a lot of baby holding sometimes while doing other things

and sometimes as the sole activity.

Dad spent some time holding Ari Patrick too (of course)

Even the kids got in on the deal

Thought they also had a grand time while not holding the baby (which is very logical given his expression in the above photo.)

Quinn himself managed to resist most of my attempts at photographing him but I was able to capture him when he was otherwise distracted by crafts!
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