Wednesday, September 19, 2007


My next MBA class started today. This means that Michael is home alone with our attention-demanding little one. Hopefully there is enough expressed milk in the fridge to prevent her from starving.

As a side note, Tovina decided to change her opinion concerning bottle feeding about 2 weeks ago. When she was 2 weeks old, she took the Advent bottle with no problem and she took it right out of the fridge. Then, 2 weeks ago Tovina started fighting that bottle and made it sound like we were torturing her when we put the cold liquid in her mouth. She also spit it right out of course.

Hoping for the best, we went and bought a few other bottle types and crossed our fingers. Luckily that 1-month-old, who apparently thought she was allowed to have her own opinions, liked the Nuk! She does still want it warmed up though.

I bet that when she is older she is going to want her food cooked too. Sheesh!

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