Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Some times, one simply has to be amazed that an infant can process enough liquid to overwhelm a diaper, soak a onesie, and threaten to drown the two poor teddy bears Cara appears to have impaled with her feet.

And as impressive as that is, just check out the hickey Tovina left on Cara's shoulder as we got the little pee meister washed up! It turns out that although she was content enough soiling herself, the offense of diluting it down with warm water and a little baby soap was simply more than Tovina could take. Poor kid! All that hard work down the drain. We have confidence that she'll figure out a way to trump this performance, though.

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Anonymous said...

Surprise! It's a picture of Cara peeing on the floor!

Anonymous said...

Lower and to the right, please.

And if you have to ask what this means, just remember: It's Jason.

And you should expect nothing less.