Friday, February 22, 2008

Forward progress

She's moving forward! While Tovina is not quite crawling, she is getting mightily close and it is pretty funny to watch.

One of the few benefits of traveling with Tovina is that she gets a king size bed to play on. I believe that the linked video is a result of this great big soft but not slippery surface. It was also directly affected by the fact that I found a toy that Tovina will chase at least 6 (or was it 8?) times down the length of the bed. What was sort of amazing is that having reached her goal, I could take it away from her, place it on the other end of the bed, and she would simply turn around and start chugging, flailing, pulling, wiggling, one could even say moving, after it again. Very focused she was.

I had put off posting this video because I was hoping to make it shorter, but now it is a week later and no further editing has been done. I can read my own writing on the wall so I am posting it as is. If you want to get right to the punch line I recommend skipping ahead to the 1 minute mark.


Chris Weyant said... over sports! She's gonna be an engineer. :)

Jason said...

Wow! Congratulations. We have actually not made it that far yet. Katherine does a good job backing up and spinning around but while she tries to go forward, all she does is get mad. It didn't help that she absolutely hated to be on her belly until about 3 weeks ago..