Sunday, February 24, 2008

International Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

Today we helped our friend Bec celebrate International Ice Cream for Breakfast Day.
That is Bec on the left.
Her Grandmother started this holiday a few decades ago and it has since been taken to many corners of the earth. Bec even created a little red book to share the accurate history. You can check out the official site regarding this official holiday or you could also check out this blog which references Bec in this entry.

This shot was of Tovina listening to Bec and her boyfriend (the nice young man standing on her right) explain the history of this mighty fine holiday and the various prizes that were going to be awarded. Tovina won a spoon for being the youngest participant... er... make that attendant since she hasn't really figured out that whole swallowing of food thing yet.

One of the fun things about having this holiday in China are all the... we'll go with odd..toppings that are available for trial.
Michael and I both agreed that the hua jiao powder, otherwise known as really hot pepper, on the left were TERRIBLE although I tried some pickled vegetables on vanilla ice cream and it was okay. More surprising (more surprising than pickled vegetables in your ice cream?!? Yes!) was how much Michael liked curry powder (which can be seen on the last plate in the bottom right) on vanilla ice cream. He says its tastes like eggnog. I actually enjoyed the beer flavored ice cream with fermented bean curds. The fermented bean curds were in the brown/yellow looking box between the red jam and the spicy nut/chili sauce mix in a jar.) The fact that I thought that combo good leaves me almost as shocked as you probably are.
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Anonymous said...

BEER!!??? Cara enjoying something like beer?????
Hope is hope in this world!!!!!
I like this tradition!