Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Another new trick from Saturday is the climbing of stairs. Tovina encountered her first stairs on Friday night at services when she tried to steal the show from Arthur who led the d'var torah (torah discussion).
Then on Saturday she saw stairs for the second time in her mobile stage of life and pretty much thought they were the coolest thing ever. Or at least a close forth behind milk and pacifiers and Cheerios.

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And here are some action shots from TWO DIFFERENT VIEWS! (so exciting we know.)
(while there is almost a minute of video, you'll get the idea after about 10 seconds if you have other things you want to do.)


M said...

Wait.. is she even crawling on the ground yet?

Sheila said...

Love the sound effects in the 2nd clip...

Jason said...

Pffft. I've so seen this done before (Our blog about 10 days ago).

It's truly amazing that they do it. Katherine had absolutely no interest in the stairs two weeks ago. When she decided that she was going to go up them, she just went. Didn't even think about it. The video on our blog was the second flight of her first earnest attempt at crawling the stairs. And now she won't stay away from them. Thankfully there's baby gates.