Thursday, May 22, 2008

New foods for new people

Tovina is getting to eat more and more foods. As of today she has tried chicken curry with matzah balls, papaya which she likes to have after her morning oatmeal, mangosteins, mangos, brown rice, broccoli, green beans, snap peas, sweet potatoes, egg yolks, bananas (often mixed with the egg yoks), and today we added dragon fruit. We've included a picture of dragon fruit here at the left.

One of the bizarre optical illusions that occurred during this eating session was how the very tiny dragon fruit seeds became so large once they were stuck to Tovina's face.
Tovina also thinks optical illusions are funny
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Niki said...

that has got to be the most expressive child EVER!

LB said...

mmmMMM Mangosteens!!!