Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Eating Jiaozi

Michael has found a delicious Chinese dumpling place - which are called jiaozi - and brought bags and bag of the delicous things home.
We thought the jiaozi would be for the adults, but Tovina was pretty insistent that she get her share, and as it turned out, she is one fine jiaozi eater so we just kept feeding her more.

Tovina tried the chicken, beef, spicy beef, eggplant and mushroom, but I don't think she had any of the fennel.

Her eating technique was unique and seemed to consist of biting the dumpling open, scraping the good stuff out of the center, and then sucking on the skin for a while.

It was quite the show

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LB said...

Mmmm you are making me hungry. But I am jonesing for the street vendor 'breakfast sandwiches'. Can't remember what they are called. Yum!

BTW, it is China week on the Travel channel and I saw Anthony Bourdain (famous? chef) go into Liqun for Duck. Yes it is a small world...