Thursday, July 24, 2008

Zaida and Tovina working together

One of the fun things about grandparents is that they are able to give Tovina opportunities she would not otherwise get.
For example: Here is Zaida showing Tovina how to edit an article.

Or is that Tovina showing Zaida?

Clearly it is a big hit either way!

It turns out that Tovina enjoyed herself so much, that now, when she notices Zaida working, she motors herself over to him so that she can help him.

We thought long and hard about how she could be most effective and then realized that Tovina could work much faster if she was networked from her own laptop. Here she explaining to Zaida how to implement her concept.

'You got all of that?'
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Anonymous said...

Looks like she'll be ready to publish soon!

M said...

The observant, uh� observer.. will notice that Tovina is not even plugged in. Really, how effective can her networking be like that? Unless of course she�s all wireless. Hmm�