Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Reading blogs in China

You have heard me complain before about how our blog is often blocked from China. Well I now have a work around!
Google Reader

(For those of you who know about Google reader and other RSS type things- a warning: this post is about to get very boring)

While I can't go to blogspot and see my blog, I can enter my blog address into Google Reader and see a copy of my blog there.
Very convenient.
In addition, I can enter the names of all the of my friend's blogs and picture websites whether on blogger, LiveJournal, Fliker, or whatever and Google Reader tells me when they have been updated and then lets me see the updates! I can hardly tell you how exciting this is what with the randomness of the Great Firewall of China where webpages mysteriously disappear from day to day, servers may be "temporarily unavailable", and generally keeping up with friends is painful.

Just wanted to share this awesome free program. And if you like following our blog and our friends listed at the side of our page, let me know and I would be happy to send you the Google Reader file that will add all of those names to your very own special version.

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