Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy to see Zaida

Tovina had last seen her Zaida in August in Beijing. She was a big fan of his but we weren't sure if she would remember him a month and a half later in Winnipeg. Then there was this episode one morning as Mari and I were about to take Tovina for a walk. Then we saw her checking out someone coming up the path.
Who does she see?

Who is that?
So happy :)

(In the honor of full disclosure, this was not the first time Tovina saw her Zaida during the trip so these pictures were not really a true test of her memory. But it was still fun to see how much bigger her reaction was to him than to almost everyone else. Myself included.)
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Molly said...

I propose that it is the fuzziness that makes him so delightful. Stella feels the same way about Toby.