Sunday, September 07, 2008

Cats and crates and baby's curiosity

We are mostly packed up and have spent the last week visiting with friends and handling last minute details. One of these details has been taking getting the cat's shipping boxes. These came into the apartment just this last week. Here is Roxanne and Cyrano (inside) checking out one of the cages.

Tovina saw Cyrano go into the cage and realized she wanted to see what was inside the cage too.
"I see you!"
Can you see Cyrano curled up as far away from Tovina as possible?

Then we had 2 animals in the kitty crate. The big difference was that one of them knew how to get out and the other one got stuck

Luckily Mommy was around and helped Tovina get out. Of course, Tovina's very next move was to try to get back in.
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LB said...

I was wondering if the kitties got their passports. Phew. I realize as I write this that you are most likely in the air somewhere but...


Baby 'tocks!