Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Observations State side

People drive really fast here
Adults and children still adore Tovina though they are slightly less excited about her going around and touching stuff that is clearly not for her.
Other people understand the continuous thread of random thoughts that I say to Tovina
People immediately realize Tovina is a girl based on how she is dressed
A lot of people tousle Tovina's head but not many touch her arms or legs or face
The air sure is clear - even when it is raining
Its safe to walk barefoot outside
The tap water tastes good
I can understand the discussions on the radio, read all the labels at the grocery store and all the street signs
There was dragon fruit at the grocery store!
It is pleasant to walk down the street/sidewalk and there is no construction though there is the occasional plane overhead and a lot more dogs that run around and bark
The grocery store lines are really short and fast but the bills are really high
While our sleep schedule has pretty much already adjusted, I'm still exhausted... so that is it for now :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

We may drive fast but we tend to stay in own lane for the most part. And the tap water doesn't taste good everywhere stateside.

P.S. I like how the blog still thinks you're on China time.