Monday, May 18, 2009

Exploring Cappadocia - Day 1

Here's the family at Devrent's valley. These wacky rock formations happen when you fill a valley with volcanic ash, toss some chunks of volcanic basalt on top, then let a million years of rain erode the volcanic ash around the basalt chunks, leaving them suspended at the tops of scrawny tufa (calcite) towers.

After hiking around the first stop and teaching Tovina 'camel' we headed over to

Our second stop was at Göreme. Greek Christians carved over a dozen churches out of the tufa cliffs in Göreme. They then plastered the insides of many of them and painted some elaborate imagery in a story-telling format. The artwork is about 800 years old.

T spends a great deal of her time in the backpack as we hike around. But she also likes to get down and hike her own little self up and down. This has resulted in some more lessons about roads, drop offs, and new scrapes on her arms and legs. It has also given her time to pick up some new habits. Here she is learning from Daddy.

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