Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Learning a little too well

The past couple of weeks Tovina has started using the toilet. She is actually very excited about it and we take in books to read to her to ensure that she doesn't get bored. We thought we were doing so well as she has started walking up to us, saying 'poo' while waving her hand in the 'toilet' sign!
Whenever she would give this performance, the parent she approached would whisk her away to the bathroom, help her out of her trousers, sit her on her special seat, and read her a story... or 5. It was so much fun watching her learn how to use the toilet and know we were that much closer to a diaper free child!

Or at least that's what we thought she was learning.

Today she showed us the real lesson:
If Tovina tells Mommy or Daddy that she needs to poo, she is then guaranteed special attention, some congratulatory clapping, and a great story time including the Hun Cawpill! (or The Very Hungry Caterpillar as some people know it.) Today she used this ploy 6 times with Michael and 2 times with me including the last time where she tried to put off going to sleep by exclaiming 'poo! poo!' as I was laying her down for the night.

Sneaky child.

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