Monday, May 11, 2009

Other wild animals

Here are some of the wild animals that are in our pond. Well, maybe wild is a little strong. But they are animals and I wouldn't exactly call them housebroken.

Along with the fish, we've also got lots of frogs. In fact we just went through the incredible tadpole multiplying and dividing season in which so many tadpoles suddenly appeared that it turned the sections they were hanging out in (the shallow parts) almost black which was quickly followed by most of them disappearing as they were eaten by the fish - which is why they were likely trying to hang out in the shallow parts.
This is not to say we have a shortage of frogs. Here are 2 of them chill'n in the water.

And here is one particularly bright faced fellow

Tovina really enjoys going out each day to feed the fish with her Daddy. Yesterday I learned she is also interested in fish that are not in a pond.
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