Monday, June 01, 2009

Back home

We have an absolutely fantastic time in Turkey and are now back in Ohio. Michael has posted more photos from the trip with captions. If you haven't checked it out, I recommend his work.
In other news, we are still unpacking, doing laundry, getting readjusted to EST, and generally enjoying being home and eating s'mores.
Tovina is showing off her 3 syllable words (Tovina, banana, escalator) and is almost back on her regular sleep cycle. If we can just cut out the 4am wake up we'll be perfect.
I expect regular blogging to resume from here until the next trip.


Niki said...

thank goodness!
videos please :)

MattR said...

Once you get Tovina's sleep schedule fixed, can you do something about mine? :)

mariasha said...

I pronounce 'escalator' with 4 syllables. And really, do you guys come across that many opportunities to use the work escalator in your day to day lives?