Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hot Socks

To put your minds at rest, let me assure you that Tovina had a great time at day care yesterday. In fact, she didn't even notice when Michael left (there was this really cool toy cell phone..), let alone when we came back for her (there was this fun ball that was great for kicking see..) The report was that she did fine, enjoyed herself, ate much of her food and drank a cup of milk (she won't do that at home), played with the other kids by the end of her day, and in general we have no fear of taking her tomorrow. This report was particularly encouraging because T was in a grouchy and whiny mood before she went into the office. We figured that if today went well, then pretty much any day ought to go well.

In other news, Tovina has developed an affinity for Frank's hot sauce which can likely be attributed to her father's influence. Today she asked for it by name and when we didn't understand what 'aw saws' meant, she tried to use sign language to help us out. We haven't learned the sign for hot sauce but she did her best by using 'socks'. Socks, sauce, whatever. (The sign we are referring to is placing the pointer finger of each hand next to each other and sliding them back and forth. You can see her do it at the end of the following video.)


Rebecca said...

Does T like to eat the hot sauce or just talk about it? I know she has a sophisticated palate, but I would imagine that the sauce is quite spicy.

ShamrockJews said...

Shockingly, she actually likes to eat the stuff. Last night she kept asking for more. We'd give her a few drops and before we could mix it in, she'd eat a spoonful of soup with the sauce still concentrated. Then she'd look up and ask for 'moor haw sauw'.
Finally we cut her off.

LB said...

Cool. We'll take her to Franky's for "911 chicken wings" when you are in Melbourne.

Rebecca said...

I've seen other toddlers who also love spicy food. Did you eat a lot of chilis and spicy foods during your pregnancy?