Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Diapers and pools

T is potty training. Her day care has really gotten her excited about going on the potty and we are trying to continue it here at home. Today, in an effort to provide more incentive I offered to put her in pull-up diapers. Tovina was initially very excited! Great idea! Yes Mom! Let's go swimming!

Wait... what?

Apparently she has some good memories from this summer with her swim diapers and when she saw the pull-ups (which look an awful lot like swim diapers to the untrained eye) she thought that meant we were going swimming. This is particularly surprising since she didn't really like swimming. Tovina is much more fond of sitting on by the side of the pool and maybe, just maybe, if you are really lucky, splashing with her feet. Here you can see her by the pool the past spring while we were in Turkey. Just look at her face and you can see how conflicted she is about pools.

Getting back to today. After much discussion where T made it very clear neither the bath tub nor shower were going to be an adequate substitution (tears were shed in abundance) we compromised and she simply wore her bathing suit for the rest of the afternoon.

She is back in regular diapers now.
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Lisa said...

Your daughter is crazy, but in a good way. I can't wait til she's older!