Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Happy birthday Michael

Sheila is closing an a house next week (NEXT WEEK?!?! - yup.) and she is going to be taking her TV with her. As of this morning the people who will still be residing in our house did not own a TV.

No TV?! how would football be watched? and Sesame Street?

Michael was sad. Tovina would be sad if she understood what is about to happen. Cara pretended to not be sad but deep down inside was a little bit. Mostly this meant that Michael was the saddest of us all.

Luckily for him he just had a birthday and made a very special birthday request.

Yup, we now own a TV of our very own. Admittedly there was talk of perhaps needing something a foot or maybe 2 feet bigger, but given all the other things we need to be doing, this will suffice for now and later (maybe for one of his 10x birthdays... which does sort of put this potential event sooner than I was expecting) this could be moved to a different room and another TV purchased.
So, after that build up, just how small is this TV?
40" inches.
As a point of reference, I think my last TV was 24" and cost me maybe $150. It also came with an attached VHS player. My TV before that was black and white and maybe as big as 18". Maybe.
Sheila's old TV can be seen lurking in the background.
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Molly said...

Happy Birthday, Michael!