Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just let me pack this bag first

Tovina has developed a bit of a regular post-dinner routine - we go for a plane ride. She packs her sheep backpack and her small carry-on that she got from Japan Airline and she takes her 'ticket' and then we get on the plane. We check the number on her ticket and she takes the appropriate seat (her rocking chair) and then she puts her bags under the coffee table or her chair depending on her mood. I get to sit in the big rocking chair in front of her and then we fly. Yesterday and today we flew to see Grandpop to wish him happy birthday (its not actually in case you were wondering.) A few times while we're in the air T and I switch seats (its not easy getting my tush into her rocking chair) and she flies for a while. She is quite a good pilot. When we land, she takes out all her bags and her ticket and then I get to chase her around the house until it is time to get into her pajamas.
It makes for a pretty good night.

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Chip, Sarah, Quinn & Will said...

This is too cute to imagine! But I can't help but wonder what happens if she ever gets a sibling.....