Thursday, November 19, 2009

That's not funny

Just wanted to give an update for those of you keeping up with the joke currently known as my health. You may remember I reported that there was some illness in the house. Having just checked, I can now tell you that I have been sick since at least Oct 24th which is almost 4 weeks! I thought I was getting better - twice. It turns out I was wrong - twice. I now have pneumonia, an exciting first for me, and am on my THIRD round of antibiotics in 3 weeks. (Yes, I have been very good and taken all of the antibiotics until the very end even if I started feeling better, which I really wasn't so this didn't come up so much.) This round of antibiotics included a shot in, as described by the nurse, my 'heinie'. (In case you were curious, I looked it up and that is the proper spelling.) It also means I am back in quarantine so as to not help Tovina also reach this, hopefully avoided (and really not so important), first milestone.

Another fun consequence, as of tomorrow I will have missed 3 days of my second week of work. Not exactly the stellar first impression I was hoping to give my new co-workers (though I suppose it's a better gift to give than pneumonia.) Luckily I now have a job that allows telecommuting (a much nicer and equally exciting first.) I am also working with some very nice people who agree with crazy priorities - like not being sick for the rest of the winter is more important than physically being at the work site.

Interesting side notes (or at least interested to me as I realize that I am up waayyyyyyyyy to late at night. I thought the codeine in one of my exciting new medications was suppose to make me sleepy!?)
1) I have been joking with Michael that I am apparently never going to get better. When I made this joke I was thinking that I had been sick for a couple, maybe even three, weeks. Not FOUR. Not until adding it up for this blog did I realize how much closer to truth my joke was. It no longer seems funny.
2) Some of my longest blogs (text rather than photo blogs that is, since pics take up so much room) seem to be ones that start off very short. At first pass, this post was 6 lines long. What happened? And why am I adding still more?
3) Why are there so many numbers in this blog?
4) When I am up too late I apparently enjoy commas and parentheses A LOT. Maybe that just means I like run-ons more? Or maybe I have more free-association thoughts which require more assistance to allow you, my crazy readers who have actually stayed with me this far into the blog, to accurately 'hear' them when reading them to yourselves. Or maybe, even considering these possibilities is a very, very good indication that I should just stop typin


Natalie said...

Boo to being sick for so long. Are they switching which antibiotics they use? When my dad had pneumonia it took until the third different kind of antibiotics before it started to clear up. It was pretty feisty. In addition to the antibiotics he found one of those wedge-shaped pillows to be helpful to keep him from coughing (and thus allow him to sleep). Hope you feel better soon!

Niki said...

hey girl, how are those pain killers working out for you? :)

rest up and be well!

LB said...

Codeine huh? I am surprised you can put 2 lines together, much less an annotated blog.

Hope you feel better soon!!

Have a lovely Thanksgiving holiday.