Tuesday, January 12, 2010

But I gave you a whole half of the bean bag!

Niki and Carissa came out and visited us for New Years. T very much enjoyed having a cool big girl in the house and wanted to spend as much time with Carissa as possible including times when Carissa was trying to
- use her handheld electronic computer (one might even describe it as a personal computing device),
- take a nap (you didn't know that a 2 foot tall cheerleader helps one sleep?),
- go to the bathroom (Tovina often has help so she was willing to extend a hand to others she thinks are deserving)

Carissa was a good sport about it and shared her dolls, her time, and even the beanbag which Carissa really had thought was more of a one-person seat.

T was pretty sure there was room for 2.
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