Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Passover Sedar (part 1)

We hosted 2 sedars this year and having now gotten through it, I really do think it is the way to go. After getting all prepared for the first night, it was just a matter of resetting the table and cooking up some more meat and a throwing in some more matzah balls. No problem!

My parents and sister were here for the first night along with some friends from down the street who celebrated their first ever sedar with us - very brave!

Tovina's rendition of Mah Nishtona (with some help from Aunt Mari). We had been trying to teach her for a few days but every time we started Tovina would say, 'I sing my song! January, February, March and April. May, June...' Then, just in the nick of time, she started repeating it back to us. It was quite exciting.

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