Friday, April 02, 2010

Passover - just couldn't wait

Tovina was so excited the night before Passover, we found her like this.

She had gotten out of bed, chosen this book out of the stack next to her bed, opened her door, suddenly overwhelmed by the need to sleep, and passed out in the doorway.
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Cape Coop said...

OK, that is serious cuteness! I watch your videos on FB and they're adorable, too! I hope that you don't mind me following you sweet family- it's a comfort to me.

ShamrockJews said...

So glad you are enjoying! I've been following your blog too and am looking forward to composter reports. We keep meaning to get one started here but haven't quite managed yet.

Cape Coop said...

We got our composter at an immense discount from our local improvement authority- if you can't get one that way I have a very inexpensive alternative for you to try. You dig a hole in your garden two feet in diameter and two feet deep. Use a garbage can lid as a cover for the hole, or stick something big on top of it, like a sand box or storage bin. Pile the dirt next to the hole, you'll be using it to help the compost. Alternate layers of yard/kitchen waste and dirt, every 4 inches of so, pile in some dirt on top. The dirt dug from the compost hole is perfect for speeding up the composting. When the hole is full, leave it covered for a few more months- just make another hole somewhere else. Once the compost has cooked you just plant right there! Or, you can use the compost from the hole in your garden.
We'll NEVER fill our bin, it seems. Maybe we'll fill it more once I can afford to buy a shovel and rake and we start to build a garden!