Monday, April 26, 2010

sushi and wasabi

Aunt Noreen took us out for sushi tonight. mmmmmm very yummy.
T was part of the adventure and had a variety of raw fish which she liked, pickled ginger which she liked more, and soy sauce which she LOVED. We had to tell her multiple times that the dish of soy sauce was not for drinking. Given that she was allowed to drink her miso soup from the bowl the distinction was somewhat lost on her.

There were a few tricky moments but the hardest was when she saw the wasabi and thought it was guacamole. See yesterday we spent 13 minutes convincing her that she'd like guacamole. We had to convince her because the day before that she'd accidentally tried wasabi and, well, let's just say she was not impressed with the result. But her instincts are apparently right on because right after she realized it was wasabi on the tongue  T grabbed right for her Daddy's beer to wash it down. (Daddy had a pretty good grip though so the poor kid just had to suffer.)

I just remembered that tonight was T's 4th wasabi experience.
1st was in gulf shores
2nd in a Japanese restaurant we went enjoyed to celebrate my interview with my current employer
3rd was 2 days ago
4th was tonight.

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